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File to be a candidate for Precinct Committeeperson


This office will appear on the May 21, 2024 Primary Election. Contact your local party organization before filing.

  • One precinct committeeperson is allotted for every 250 voters, with a minimum of 2 precinct committeepersons per precinct.
  • You can file or be nominated in your resident precinct, an adjacent precinct, or any precinct in your State Representative district.
  • Write-in votes will only be tallied if the Write-in candidate’s declaration or nomination form has been received by the filing deadline.
Learn more about the duties and responsibilities.
  • A representative of the major political party in the precinct.
  • Encourage voter registration.
  • Vote on official party business.
  • Elect county party leadership
  • Nominate State Representatives or State Senators when there is a vacancy in one of those offices.

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